Here, you can purchase the highly acclaimed TAK 2000 thermal analysis software. Have an RFP that requires SINDA? Checkout TAK 2000 Pro. You will find that it is backward compatible with SINDA.

TAK 2000 has not only been a key thermal analysis tool for many high profile aerospace programs, it is being used in a wide range of applications such as electronics and optical fiber manufacturing. It has even been used to model the effect of peat bogs on global warming!

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TAK 2000 Pro
The TAK 2000 is a fully double precision application that uses a finite differencing approach to thermal modeling and analysis. The model is formatted as an ASCII text file, similar to NASA's SINDA-85. This feature makes modeling simple and very straight forward. 40,000 nodes (max). See Specs for details.


TAK 2000 Lite The Lite, has many of the same features as Pro, but is limited to 100 nodes. See Specs for details.


Pro-Maintenance Pro-Maintenance will run for a period of one year, commencing with the Plan Start date. The Pro-Maintenance Plan includes: 1) Initial technical support to get you up and running. 2) Technical support in resolving suspected TAK 2000 bugs and assistance in developing workarounds. 3) Free version upgrades.


Combo Package TAK 2000-Pro plus Pro-Maintenance