Downloading and Installation
What you are getting
The demo is a full-up working version of TAK 2000 v5 with a few key limit/restrictions imposed. Such as:

  • 16 node limit 
  • 32 conductor limit 
  • Cannot create hard copies from the X/Y plotter
You can build your own models or play with a few models provided in the \Samples directory.

The Demo may be used for 30 days or 30 uses whichever comes first. The program will automatically time out after one of these limits is reached. 
  1. TAK 2000 is installed on a hard drive via a CD-ROM. At least 30 Mb of free disk space is required. The procedure is quick and simple:
  2. Shut down ALL other applications. Failure to do so may preclude some modules from being installed.
  3. From the START/RUN, browse to the folder where you downloaded the program and select TAK2KDemo520.exe. Click on the OK button.
  4. Follow the installation prompts that appear.
  5. If you did not override the installation default location, the installation folder will be C:\Program Files\KK Associates\TAK 2000 Demo. Directly under "TAK 2000 Demo", there are two folder to take special note of:
    • Samples contains several sample models so you can observe the format and experiment with the tools.These models are ready to run.
    • Documentation contains a file called infolist.txt which has the latest technical notes. It also contains a copy of the TAK 2000 Manual in PDF format. (Note: Clicking on the Table of Content entries will take you directly to the selected section.) 
  6. After the installation is accomplished, there will be a TAK 2000 icon under the start menu (probably at the end of the menu). It will be the red K&K Associates, crossed K logo along with the words TAK 2000. Click on the icon to run TAK 2000.
  7. Periodically, click the NEWS button on the WorkBench toolbar for Downloads, bug-reports, and work-a-rounds.
Click HERE to download TAK 2000 Demo.

It may take a few moments to connect to the FTP server. Please be patient.

Addition Resources

  1. Download the "Getting Started" instructions in PDF format. It will explain how to install the TAK 2000 Demo and get you started building and running models.
  2. Thermal Network Modeling Handbook This is a brief introduction to the rudimentary techniques of thermal modeling coupled with a simple understanding of the various basic heat transfer mechanisms. This handbook was originally prepared for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  3. If you need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, click HERE 

If you want to uninstall the TAK 2000 Demo, be sure to do it using the Control Panel's ADD/REMOVE Program utility.

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