TAK2000 Specifications

TAK2000 is is a Windows based program with integrated material properties, plotting, and output tabulation. You can customize your integrated environment by "plugging-in" any executable program or batch file into the WorkBench integrated environment

Pro or Lite? The Pro edition comes complete with all the features a Thermal Analyst would expect, including the ability to model up to 80,000 nodes. The Lite, has many of the same features as Pro, but is limited to 100 nodes. Two sizes to meet different needs.


TAK 2000 Pro
TAK 2000 Lite
Submodels 65 NA
Nodes 80,000 100
Conductors 2,000,000 500
User defined constants 6,000 5
Material Properties 500 500
Variable heat sources 40,000 100
Thermal control louvers 3000 5
Heaters 3,000 5
Arrays 80,000 75
Array elements 7,000,000 1500
Logic blocks Yes No
Batch multiple runs Yes No
Workbench Yes Yes
Fortran Compiler Optional, Intel Visual Fortran v10.1.011 or higher None
Operating System Windows Windows
Plugin Tools Yes No
Curves plotted 15 5
Plot from
multiple files
Yes No
Plot to printer Yes Yes
Plot to file Enhanced meta
and Bitmap
30 Days Free Support Yes No



Feature TAK 2000 Some flavors
True WINDOWS based, WIN95, 98, NT (no wrapper) YES NO
Finite differencing technique YES YES
Implicit and explicit algorithms YES YES
Steady State and Transient solutions YES YES
Optional user supplied logic blocks (user subroutines) YES NO
Built-in thermostatic heaters (no coding required) YES NO
Built-in proportional heaters (no coding required) YES NO
Built-in thermal control louvers (no coding required) YES NO
Built-in load of initial temps (no coding required) YES NO
Built-in heater & louver status (no coding required) YES NO
Settable control constants YES YES
Solid node/conductor meshing YES NO
GEN- Generate a group of nodes YES YES
SIV- Node with temperature dependent capacitance YES YES
SIM- Generate a group of SIV nodes YES NO
TVT- Boundary node with time varying temperature YES NO
GEN- Generate a group of conductors YES YES
SIV- Temperature dependent conductor YES YES
SIM- Generate a group of SIV conductors YES YES
TVS- Time dependent conductor YES YES
PER- Cyclic time dependent conductor YES NO
NCV- Natural convection conductor YES NO
FLQ- Heating dependent flow conductor YES NO
GEN- Generate a group of heat sources YES YES
STF- Cyclic step function heat source YES NO
TVS- Time dependent heat sources YES YES
PER- Cyclic Time dependent heat sources YES YES
FLX- Group of time dependent heat sources YES NO
SIV- Temperature dependent heat sources YES YES
Arrays YES YES
Alpha node names YES NO
User variables in logic blocks YES YES
User variables and equations in data blocks YES NO
Plots of Temperature vs time; on-screen and to a printer YES NO
Comparison tabulation of multiple steady state runs YES NO
Tabulation of selected transient temperatures YES NO
Search and tabulation of max and min temp for transient YES NO
Model editor YES NO
Run-time status screen YES NO
Modern user interface YES NO
Workbench Environment YES NO